How can it already be October?!?!


Time flies when you are having fun!  The time leading up to Fall Break at Stonegate Elementary Spanish class has been wonderful!

We started by making “Spanish summer connections”. We talked about how the kids used Spanish during the summer. They had a lot of great stories about visiting restaurants and ordering their food in Spanish, or going on vacation to places where they actually spoke Spanish!

We also took time to review concepts like greetings (saludos), colors (colores), numbers (números), classroom objects (cosas del salón de clases), favorite things (cosas favoritas), days of the week (dias de la semana), months’ names and how to write a date (meses del año y la fecha de hoy).

It is great for the kids to start with things they remember, this way they feel confident, and start talking right away!

We start every day by singing a couple of songs (this class loves to sing and dance!!). You can ask them to sing one of the songs at home! We do a lot of fun activities to learn and to practice vocabulary. We read stories from the book, write in our journals, solve word search pages and crosswords and play “memory”, “go fish” and “find it”.

The kids love to quiz each other with flashcards! The winners receive our own Spanish class “pesos”. The pesos are then cashed during the class’ “auction party”.

The themes for the next couple of weeks are: “Party”, “Family”, and “Independence day celebrations”. For “Party” we are “planning” a birthday party, we talked about what you need for a party and who could be invited, and how to design a party invitation in Spanish. For “Family” we will make Family trees and talk about our families.

As you can see, we are very busy, and I am grateful for the opportunity to explore and learn Spanish with my class!!

Señora Chemor
LAL Spanish Teacher
Stonegate Elementary


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