On our way!!!

Hello!  My name is Quetzali Rojas and I am the LAL Spanish teacher at Zionsville Middle School and Pleasant View Elementary. I also teach Spanish full-time at Interactive Academy.

Congratulations everyone!  We’ve survived the first month of school!

We’re past the new backpack drama, confusing locker combos, nervous tummy aches, and the most challenging activity of all: trying to wake up grumpy little kids! It seems everything is “under control”… and we’ve redirected our energy and concern to ANOTHER great hurdle: extracurricular activities.

How do we provide a healthy balance of fun and education – while making sure our kiddos are enjoying themselves?

As a mother who has taught both before and after school classes for over a decade, I have one simple word of advice that makes all the difference: provide your child with a nice snack they can enjoy before after-school activities. Something simple to eat, healthy, and most importantly: that your child LOVES.  This will re-boot your kiddo with a big smile and a boost of energy for the next round!

I know this sounds simple – but believe me, it makes a HUGE difference in their ability to concentrate and stay awake and alert after a long day at school!

We have this “under control” parents! Let’s do it!

Señora Quetzali Rojas
LAL Spanish Teacher


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