Spanish Happenings at Stonegate Elementary

I have the privilege of teaching Spanish to first and second graders at Stonegate Elementary, and every year we can demonstrate how cool and fun it is to interact with this group of kids; full of life and eager to discover more and more.

Learning Spanish at an early age brings a lot of benefits to the students. Some examples include:

  1. Better brain development
  2. Improved multi-tasking skills
  3. Increased attention to detail
  4. Immersion into a new culture and learning about their people
  5. Development of confidence and creativity

I could mention many more, but the most important is to see how our very interactive curriculum allows the kids to learn through music, repetitions, reading, writing and more.

Last year at Stonegate we, as Learning Another Language (LAL), had the privilege to represent Venezuela in a booth at the International Fair. The students were so happy to share and interact with another culture, to sing in Spanish and play some typical games about the countries.

This year we are extending even more! We were invited to participate in the International Fair at the Zionsville Public library, sharing Venezuela’s culture and typical dances. It was a great experience and watching the kids faces and emotions was priceless. The confidence, friendship, compassion in helping each other was phenomenal and worthwhile.

Thank so much to the parents and all of you that believe in the program.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. – Nelson Mandela

Señora Hungria Essig
LAL Spanish Teacher
Stonegate Elementary School