El Dia de los Muertos

El Dia de los Muertos is a very important holiday in the Spanish culture, and falls very very close to a fun holiday for children in the United States.

On November 2nd, soon after the children in the United States have celebrated Halloween, the adults and children in some Spanish speaking countries, especially Mexico, celebrate this day. The day is filled with images of skeleton bones and the sweet taste of candy and cakes. Unlike Halloween, El Dia de los Muertos, which means “Day of the Dead”, is not meant for costumes and pranks. Instead it is a special occasion when families remember and honor their friends and relatives who have died.

By mid-October bakeries are hard at work creating special breads and buns in the form of animals and people. Candies are made in the shapes of skulls and are decorated with bright icing. The famous and delicious “Pan Mejicano de Muerto” (Bread of the Dead) is very popular across Mexico.

In South America people celebrate this Holiday going to the grave yard with flowers and candles. This is a special occasion to reunite families and friends.

By: Marlene Alvarenga Calderin, LAL Teacher


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