Spanish Language In Our 1st and 2nd Grade Classrooms

What does Spanish mean for our children in the 1st and 2nd grade at Stonegate Elementary School? It means it’s time to learn another language and have fun! We learn through repetition, memorization, producing what we learn, and games.

It is amazing how the kids can absorb that much vocabulary in such a short period of time.

We start every day reinforcing previous lessons; remembering days of the week, numbers and months, colors, etc. This year we will cover different Latin American Countries. We have already studied Mexico and the students are able to recognize the Mexican flag, the meaning of the colors, and also Mexican family culture and activities. The most wonderful experience for me in the short time we’ve been together, is how they have learned the song “Las Mananaitas” which is a typical song for Mexican birthdays. It is quite lengthy and includes many words that were new to them. Also in my curriculum every month we take two letters of the Spanish alphabet and explore at least twelve words that begin with those letters.

I love games and so do they. Fifteen minutes before the end of class we practice what we’ve learned through games such as role playing, jumping competition, musical chairs, etc. These stay active in their minds throughout the rest of their day and hopefully make their learning more enjoyable.

Thursdays tests are given which help me to determine individual needs. During this time I also incorporate individual activities that involve counting pesos which gives them practice with salutations and math.

This is a short summary of how we are starting our 2015-2016 school year.

Every year I come to my class not only to teach, but also to learn from the children. What a great joy it is to be a part of their learning experience!

I am originally from Venezuela and came to United States 20 years ago. I have worked as an Industrial Engineer and at the same time taught Spanish to adults. In 2000 I began teaching ESL at Westfield Intermediate School and experienced how fun and rewarding it was working with kids. I began working with LAL teaching Spanish in 20013 and look forward to many enjoyable years to come.

Hungria Essig
First and Second Grade Teacher
Stonegate Elementary School


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